Kdooz Club offer  many programs and activities which we seek to develop the talents and abilities and skills in the fields of children in many areas.

Through the use of programs and curricula and accredited international scientific programs and develop a list to support the children's skills and to develop their abilities such as.

Little artist:

Discover children's skills in painting through various experts and specialists and develop their artistic talents in this area and stimulate the creative energies that are developed by specialists through several targeted programs.

Reading club:

Teaching children to read through a program of reading on the clock.. During which the reader will choose any of the specialist children's favorite books and prepare a collective reading.


There will be special day classes will do through its specialized teacher to teach children from different ages several languages like (English/French).

Develop capabilities and skills:

Will is a lot of specialized classes in the development of skills and capabilities in efferent fields.

Mind games:

Will specifies a specified corner for games that develop Self capabilities of children.