The general objectives of KDOOZ Kids Club

KDOOZ  Kids Club provides an enabling environment that supports the development of the child mentally, physically, emotionally and socially, realizing this message across many entertaining activities and programs in order not to make the child get bored.  We also seek to mix learning with pleasure and fun through a lot of activities that help develop endogenous capacity, talent development and skills enhancement which aims to:
- Acquire the ability of organized  thinking and the knowledge of life priorities.
- Learning and entertaining in a safe, enjoyable educational and entertaining environment.
- Reinforcing the children's intellectual, behavioral, social, artistic, and creative abilities.
- Investing children energies and fulfilling their leisure time with useful and entertaining activities.
- Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for children.
- Providing children with the necessary knowledge and experiences in various fields.
-  Helping the young to express their ideas and feelings.
- Acquiring the abilities of creative thinking, artistic taste and aesthetic expression.
- Acquiring human positive interpersonal skills.
- Giving Child care and attention.