Course in French language

Sunday 08, December 2013

Course in French language

Teaching letters and numbers in the French language with song.

Interactive education for the children of the French language writing and pronunciation .

Teach proper pronunciation of the French language by an interactive test to measure progress and comprehension of the child to get him to the good levels.

Learn numbers  in accompanied by grainy moving images .

Learn  colors in a way displayed innovative .

The program contains many interactive quizzes, all parts of the program , which develops the capacities of the child .

1 -
alphabet with songs
proper pronunciation
the tests for the development of the child's abilities

2 -
numbers with the French song
counting upward and downward
the tests for the development of the child's abilities
3 -
topics such as : family members , colors and shapes
define yourself conversation : dating and conversational
tests for the development of the child's abilities
activities and craftsmanship of selected topics
4 -
the program contains the corner and the theme of the general culture of the Eiffel Tower

The objectives of the session:

- Develop performance language and improve basic language skills.
- French numbers and colors and shapes, and many of the words in a selection of educational topics.
- Training on proper pronunciation.
- The development of language skills, intelligence and memory.